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The Young Pope Savage Moments Season 1
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HBO’s The Young Pope was the best represenation of a man who became the Victor of Rome at a young age a sure challenge but Lenny an american man who had no mother or father raised by the church in an orphanage has become the Godfather of the faith and he is not playing games he puts his rule down with an iron fist and he has a secret this is the Young Pope Savage Moments from the 1st season more clips coming soon covering his speech and also a moment with a women from Greenland Lenny is a natural Mac Daddy but he doesnt touch the women so he is gentleman any women would love to have a man so handsome but cunning when he needs to be and he is loyal Jude Law has outdone himself in this series Paolo Sarrentino is the brain behind the operation .

Lenny Belardo is known is seen is diabolical cunning handsome and confident and God like in a human form, the youngest Pope in history and he is not italian he is an american in a new country and most of all the the Don of Rome

Scene #1&2 “I Know All Your Secrets”
I am the New Pope Scene 1 Veollo tells Lenny Belardo he knows all his secrets but lets just say theres no secrets in Vatican



#3Lenny goes to his surrogate father and asks for advice but he has no support Lenny is all alone and all he has is God

Cardianal Spencer hates Lenny at this point in the next scene he tells him You Dont Believe in God so how can you Be Pope?

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Scene #4 Lenny Talks to Don Tomasso” I do not Believe In You”
The Pope doesnt want to be seen in public so he is absent he wants the catholic believers to believe in God not in him and he wants them to be fanatics for God not for his image

Scene #4 “The Pope of Compromise”
Veollo tells Lenny he was chosen to be the puppet pope and its the coversation goes left and the Pope goes off on the secretary of the state in front of the whole room with no shame he puts him in his place
The Explosive scene Veollo looks alot like he is related to Robert Dinero his brother or sibling or long loss cousin smh lol

Lenny tells Veolla he is Soveirgn he is not a Secretary of State he is the Don Dotta and he is the man who pushes paperwork he is not the Victor of Christ great acting in this scene of the Young Pope Season 1
Veollo has a secret too we will get into that on our next recap and with extended scenes on the new site http://throneroomtv.com

Veolla is kicked by the New Pope and Lenny has no regrets he tells him You Still Do not Get it Do you you put on heirs as a politician but you dont realize your up against a Politician more cannier than you .. ME!

I am the new Pope I dont care about Consensus he kicks him down after he gravels to Pope Sixtus feet and then he falls aways as he is making a specticle of himself!

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**Scenes in this video where provided by HBO The Young Pope TV series I do not own this content usage is for transformative purposes to critique and provide commentary for entertainment purposes.

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