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Channel clipz video sharing site offering a place to share comment and clip with us watch short form or long form videos from content creators around the world.We are a small community based on content creators from around the world. Our website offers a place to share and discover new content new dual profiles add a video content account and get more views with our new Channel Sync program add channel id and get more views we want to offer this options to all users as a special thanks for creating an account we are going to review and comment on your videos on YT + free views in a form of topic based playlist we are thankful for all subscribers! 11/16/2018 Subscriber count is at 507 subscribers and 25 channel clipz producer contributors we love the fact we have more people watching videos then just posting them at this time we are planning to launch an academy as we introduce our own AI based algorithm to the website. More updates will be added to the blog monthly on subscriber counts in the coming months we will add on new chat rooms +payouts for all users who were chosen to win at this time we have built a website for channel clipz producers to get clip donations sent via secured wallet online. Get paid via Pay Get paid with donations on our trusted partner offering a place to build a community who supports your content creation monthly weekly or as a one time donation. Add your own ads on your videos see our terms of use for our community new video on our main blog private post for creators only.


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We started one year ago as we saw creators needed a place to share content around the web since that time we have focused on promoting creators and also subscribing to channels on other video social sharing sites we thought it would be nice to share our website with others and show just how amazing each creator is as a channel and also provide sharing and dedication to growing our users watch time.

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Become a member today get views on our site and it will show on your channels on site like YouTube Daily motion and Vimeo

Videos must have a URL link with mp4 format

Direct Upload videos are limited to 5 minutes must be in mp4 format 64mb max feature only available for partnered channels at this time.

Two profiles with chat and also  ability to post other content we are built for the future not just for videos post emojis now in your comments!

We accept all content creators on this site and we do not censor content.

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