Game of Thrones: Winds of Winter Review Pt 1 In depth review

June 29, 2016 81 Views

Game of Thrones: Winds of Winter Review Pt 1 In depth review

In this episode, We saw a lot happen Cersei did use the wildfire tom men jumps out the window !!!!!!

Cersi did not die and Jaime did not get slayed this review has so many spoilers so if you haven’t watched it
please exit left.

Confirmed Cersei, Tyrion, Deanery’s and Jaime have signed another contract I’m sure others are but you know how not all people are so quick to sign their contract i expect to see Ara ya , The Hound, The brotherhood with no banners, Milasandra will be back found out about Shirene being burned up be found her toy and informed Jon snow and she was vanished and also Jon Snow is …. well listen to the next video to learn more about his parentage R+L=J

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