Daenerys Baby with (Jon Snow) Aegon the Conqueror| Game of Thrones| Season 8

March 5, 2019 233 Views

Daenerys Targaryns should be Pregnant season 8 but what will happen will the north love her or will they hate her ?

Jon snow and Davos have made a pact now that Season 8 is coming soon in April i wanted to review some loose ends that need to be tied up i will do my best to review more of the character leaks i have found on redditt and also private groups like Free Folk and my on theories will be provided as well.Being jon snows name is aegon targaryn we now see that theirs one problem who is the prince or princess that was promised ?

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The mother of Dragons has lost one of her children does this weaken her from claiming her birth right or will she perish by the end of Season 8 ?

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