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  • If you’re looking for a site that offers the ability to upload a videos freedom to be yourself Channel Clip hosts a variety of channels, we built this platform with the creator in mind this means we offer social profiles and also a channel page that you are able to post videos upload videos to our community.



    We are pleased to launch our site officially and hope to see some amazing content. Our site started because we were tired of the way creators are not promoted unless you have thousands of views no one seems to see or hear the videos you have worked so hard on to create. Our site has easy upload options coming soon we will offer a editor but for now all videos must be Mp4 or mp4 link able.


    Looking for a place to promote your videos or link to your existing videos on Daily Motion You tube D tube we do not mind just add a link embed for videos that are from other networks and keep in mind some content may  be removed if it is not your own.

    We do not mind if you curate content just make sure you specify that it is not your content in the video or in the description some of the videos on this site have been updated by members of our staff we also upload movies on this site that we share with users not for download or free.

    Our site had 75,000 users and we hope to host more content as time moves on our ultimate goal is to share our passion for finding creators with unique content that will reach the right person. Our team is small we will be moving our content from were we started so expect new users to be updated very soon!



    Gerd Altmann

    Why rock with us ??

    Connect With a Human

    Don’t worry about a thing if you need someone to talk to we are here to help

    Link to Youtube + other video sharing sites 

    Just add your url from your channel with your channel name your views will show on your home channel

    syndicate your content.

    Markus Spiske

    Get new Fans and make new friends

    Grow your awareness each video will be posted to TOP  Social Networking sites


    Pok Rie
    Time for a Close Up!
    Get featured on our Homepage!


    Adrianna Calvo


    We care about our channel clip producers get red carpet treatment this means not corporate fat cat’s telling us what to do we made this site with our bare hands and blood sweat and tears so we appreciate the hard work creators engage in this site is for content creators of video  we are looking to add a new feature to guest post but you must be a member.



    Our guidelines are easy no hate speech violence, porn will not be uploaded we are notified of each upload a community member has the power to remove the post with moderation the video will be reported and paused for further review.

    Because our site has no large advertisements we are testing new technology our site is still in beta testing if you have a recommendation fill out the feedback form on your Profile page.



    Partnerships are by  invite, at this time we are such a new site our revenue sharing program will be updated very soon otherwise to get advertisements shown on your Youtube channel and also our site follow steps in the Channel Clipz Creator academy to ensure proper uploading plus we provide analytics reports each month.



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    Become a member today get views on our site and it will show on your channels on site like YouTube Daily motion and Vimeo

    Videos must have a URL link with mp4 format

    Direct Upload videos are limited to 5 minutes must be in mp4 format 64mb max feature only available for partnered channels at this time.

    Two profiles with chat and also  ability to post other content we are built for the future not just for videos post emojis now in your comments!

    We accept all content creators on this site and we do not censor content.

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