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    Knightfall has been a series alot of people may not know about I must stay the course I must get this tale told so here it is in this Episode Landry comes to a cross roads and  guess what he meets with …

    When a Saracen prisoner is killed in cold blood inside the temple, Gwaine conducts an inquiry into the man’s murder. In order to learn about the victim’s symbol, Landry seeks out Jonas of the Ardennes, a pagan who helps him remember his childhood meeting with Malraux, a Cathar from the Brotherhood of Light. Isabella is betrayed by de Nogaret and her purity is tested days before her wedding to Luís. Joan is with Landry’s child and has to cover it up with Philip.


    a Pagan “Oh my lord ‘its getting sticky you need to be careful and hold your pearls because the Queen is about to get pretty pregnant and guess what someone knows who the Real Baby daddy is and this just may be the undoing i told you about of Landry see you cant serve to masters.

    Landry knows this is the path of the sinner and he has laid and did what he did in the bed of a another mans wife that happens to be King see this will be the worst can you imagine not having relations with your  wife and all of a sudden you see it is because there’s another man getting his rocks off well sorry for the vulgar but it’s true!


    Isabella is forced to be tested and Queen Joan protects her daughter like a mother should but at the end i feel Isabella cares only for her survival but we will see what happens next we have 7 days and we want to complete this series so we can move on to the Young Pope  speaking of the Pope its a strange thing about the Pope even then they controlled everything accept De Nogaret.


    Is Power More Important Than True Love?
     Landry leaves alone and that’s when a prisoner they picked up when visiting their slain masters home where his brother that told the tale about the HOLY GRAIL uttered his last words question is why Landry …



    Questions we have about this Amazing Series ..

    • Why did Landry , get picked over the thousands of Templars ?
    • Why does Landry Not know his father is ?
      • What did the vision mean he had
      • What is Guwain up to ?




    See the issue is Landry is a issue because little did anyone know he has been shagging the Queen of France and what happens to men who are not Kings who mess with royalty well…




    if you notice he does not believe in religion at least not the Holy Grail see he wants to take the Templars gold and wealth of lands and the first modern codes systems banks and notes were created with this organization of warrior monk priests  for the coppers of King Philip’s empty spaces and believe me they are busted and broke.


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    See I am torn because Landry is so handsome and much more finer than Jon Snow plus his wife is hot too I just think he way hotter than Jon see ever since that bar thing i was turned off he really has changed since the Knights watch when his brothers turned on him ..

    But I digress

    See back then if your not aware the history of knightfall is well kinda worse than it will appear on this show they were burned alive standing on their tippy toes  Oh 

    Look Here we have a mission for you our Lords and Lady’s 

    We have added a link in this article to watch the full video if interested find the Grail and you will see this  Great series!



    The History of what happened with he Templars  is really gruesome but at the end of the day this is a Great series

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