Holy Hell!|Your Missing Knight Fall on History Channel

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  • Landry Landry what will we do with this what a show I must say this is the best review you’re going to read Knightfall on History Channel is a Godsend.

    and I bet you’re wondering  how good it is well that’s why I am here

    First Tom Cullen is Glorious the Queen of England acts like a thot but who wouldn’t when a man like Landry comes around strike the iron while it is a hot girl!
    The King of England has his head so far up someone else’s arses he can’t see what is going on let me get Straight- to the Point.

    History Channel Gives the people what they want and it came at the right time!

    We want action treachery being childless living the living single is what they do best the Knight Templar was made famous by the Holy Grail also being the Most Mysterious order that originated at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.Make sure you watch the Battle scenes in Episode one it will give you chills

    In Acre its the Battle and the Knight Templar rather parish than give up Acre on the shores of Jerusalem

    Knight Fall Review


    if you’re a GAME OF THRONES fan then this show may ease your wounds from the Knight King You know nothing of Knight Fall but this is why we are here!

    Queen Joan is Beautiful, Cunning Seductive and Mysterious and calculated if you like Ingrid with a Mix of Sansa then you LoveQueen Joan another beautiful Ginger even if it’s not her true color at birth the cast as a whole never breaks character.



    The Tv series – a film set in a France Year 1299, Acre is the last Strong Hold and Saladeen are closing in on Knights of Solomon problem is God be with them they may not make it…


    Pope Boniface comes in with his train of paparazzi just as it is today, there is a man name Noregant who is like the Little Finger and he holds the kinds ear so the man is connected.

    Within the first episode you will see his snake in the grass ways and to be honest i think i hate him already which means he is doing an amazing Job you can always tell when its an amazing series when you cuss at the appearance of the villian.

    Manja , Manja Manja Give the People what they Want!
    -James Franco
    The Interview

    The music was subtle as the opening comes in with the mask of the Templar History Channel has picked an amazing Director and the actors compliment one another within the first few scenes the music changed and it was fitting for the scenes there are some kinky scenes and you have to wonder if the actors truly were into it or not again …


    Watch Knight Fall Here Free 

    Do you like Action Drama mixed with History if you liked Davinci’s Demons National Treasure Knight fall is the answer. The Tv Series was beautiful especially the choreography with the fight scenes the Knight Templars are good men for the most part but who truly is good?

    The show gives you a vibe of Mystery mixed with shivery were have all the good men and women gone nowadays, you be lucky to keep a persons attention overall it does start off with some action-packed scenes which keeps you watching then the story is told in a comprehensible manner .

    i like it when the screenwriter makes it easy, to follow the characters one thing I hate is  a rushed tv series, the costumes were bleached to perfection the accents and the way of the people was chaos! The King Phillip IV was well I dont care for him as long as he can sit on his ass and not make any decisions it  seems good to him this is why he is weak just as Alfred was in the Last Kingdom except this time we are seeing a man in France who barely sleeps with his wife and according to historical records his persona was that of a pious man.


    See King Phillip IV saw himself as a GodHead on Earth just as many Kings before him ruled. Only he wanted to be the most Christian and Loved by the People we all know you cant have both and in even the first epsiode he is outsmarted by a man close to him in his court he chose See King Phillip is not a warrior but I do not trust him you will see why when you watch the Episode online.

    I am impressed with the TV series created in a Film quality Tom Cullen, as Landry makes me forget Game of Thrones is gone the arrival of Knight Fall is a gift of the Creator and I Pray you watch this Series.



    According to the numbers 1.8 Million people watched the Premiere we feel History Channel should promote more on YT and Social media this is what happened with Davinci Demons plus much more I’m sure.

    Clip This

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