Complete Game of Thrones Leaked Season 8 Plot (We did not Write This)

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  • Episode 1:

    Jaime reaches the Riverlands, gives Edmure back Riverrun if he can take the Tully armies north.

    Jon and Dany arrive at Winterfell. Reunion with the Starks, but there’s a lot of tension because of the north being a Targaryan kingdom again. Jon gives a whole speech about joining together and the North settles down.

    Jon finds out his heritage, he’s upset but still views himself as a Stark. He still wants Dany to be Queen so doesn’t tell her. Dany speaks to a maester and discovers she’s pregnant.

    Cersei and Qyburn discuss the success of retaking the south and the Golden Company arrive at King’s Landing. Cersei doesn’t care much though, and begins to resent being Queen and losing everyone she cares about.


    White Walkers take Castle Black and a few other castles. The Living prepares for the defense of Winterfell.


    Episode 2 is the battle for Winterfell. Drogon is killed by Viserion and is brought back. Huge victory for the White Walkers. A bunch of main characters die, including Arya and Brienne. The Living falls back to Riverrun, the White Walkers march South down the Kingsroad.



    Episode 3:

    Jaime agrees to head back to King’s Landing to try and persuade Ceresi to help the Living. The White Walkers takes the Vale, Robert dies.

    Cersei hears the news that the Golden Company has been decimated by the White Walker army on the trident and they’re heading towards King’s Landing. Qyburn prepares wildfire underneath the city in case worse comes to worse.

    The Wedding of Ice and Fire takes place in Riverrun after Jon and Daenerys tells each other their respective secrets.


    Episode 4:

    Bran sees the White Walker army heading towards King’s Landing and tells Dany. She flies towards the city on her last remaining dragon.

    Jaime arrives at King’s Landing. Cersei is adamant that she can defeat the army by blowing up the city. Jaime argues with her, when the White Walkers arrive outside the city gates, preparing to take the city.


    She gives the order to burn down the city when the White Walkers attack, Jaime strangles her to death, he orders the mass evacuation of the city using the royal fleet, claiming himself the new king only to order people to help evacuation rather than fleeing themselves.

    Dany arrives at the city, and Jaime explains what happened. It’s obvious that it’s too late to save the city but Dany disagrees. Bran begins to warg into Rhaegar, takes flight, and breathes fire down onto the city, causing it to explode, killing a significant number of the army of the dead, as well as Drogon to prevent a million-man army for the Night’s King. Rhaegar flies away, Jaime and Dany flees back to Riverrun on horseback. The final shot of the episode is Bran looking bored to himself, not caring about what he’s done.



    Episode 5:

    Bran explains what he did, the Westerosi lords demands his head for his actions. A bunch of drama and division happens. The living prepares for the next attack in a poorly defended Riverrun.

    Dany and Jaime arrive back at Riverrun. The place is in chaos over the divisions and Dany’s arrival does not make things better. Dany enters labour just when the army of the dead attacks the castle. Bran is killed. Main characters escape with most of their armies and flees west. Jon stays with Dany throughout the seige. She gives birth to a baby girl, but is far too weak to move and is dying as the white walkers surround and attack the castle. Jon agrees to kill themselves, and set themselves on fire to prevent them from being turned. Jon stabs Dany when the Night’s King enters the room. Longclaw sets itself alight, becoming lightbringer. The Night King flees when seeing this, allowing Jon and his daughter time to escape on Rhaegar, who flies in just in time.

    Episode 6:

    Rhaegar lands at the isle of many faces. Jon dismounts and hears Bran in the Weirwoods. He explains that the White Walkers were the ones who built the Wall to keep the humans out. Azor Ahai was actually a woman with Targaryan blood, who had a child with Bran the Builder, merging ice and fire into one bloodline. The white walkers saw fire merging into the first men’s blood, creating their worst nightmare and hence went to war, only when that failed they built the wall. It happened again under Jon, and believing that they were at risk of extinction again, marched south. Hence why the Night’s King was so scared of Lightbringer and Jon’s daughter.

    Bran tells Jon that they won’t stop at least until he and his daughter dies, separating the blood of fire from the first men. He can’t bring himself to kill his daughter and decides to try an kill the Night’s King himself.

    The living prepare for the battle of Castlery Rock, after retreating from Riverrun. The battle begins with the army of the dead winning. Jon rides in on Rhaegar and hands his daughter over to Tyrion. He flies back onto Rhaegar and him and the Night’s King have an arial flight. Viserion kills Rhaegar and he falls to his death. Jon jumps onto Viserion’s back, fight’s the Night’s King and kills him. Viserion dies again, and Jon falls to his death.

    The army of the dead drops into bones and flesh. Jaime and Tyrion look at the falling dragon and realize that Jon was successful.

    The last scenes are set ten years later. The north, Vale, Riverlands and most of the Westernlands are in a state of ruin with barely anyone inhabiting them. Jaime rules the Westernlands, Sam the Reach, Theon the Iron Islands, Sansa the other destroyed kingdoms Gendry the Stormlands, and Dorne is neglected one last time. Tyrion, King Regant, tells Queen Lyanna about her parents, what it means to be a good ruler, and even though the game of thrones is a scary thing, he’ll be with her to help her.

    The last shot of the series is a Weirwood tree on the isle of many faces, with icicles beginning to melt. The tree has the face of Bran.


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