3 Best Video Sharing Sites That Pay

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    Youtube was in this list but it’s only for those with 4000 watch time hours and 1000 Subscribers Let’s remember that you need to also have acceptable content. We do not blame Youtube for trying ever since the Adpocalypse it has been bad the journalist reported that advertisements are being promoted on channels with bad actors according to You tubes last letter to creators.

    The problem we have is that video sharing sites are starting to get greedy and we hate it sorry if i have used one word that is negative the beauty is i will not be band from this site..

    Youtube has made a lot of money from advertisers is it all about money kinda it is so we want to be honest they could have still offered bumper ads for their blog approved channels but guess what they did not this is why we will list them because of their audience but not a viable way to make money when you cannot get paid anymore use it as a host this is all we can recommend for small channels at this time in our video we offer tips on how to get more watch time hours with your You tube channel.

    How to Get more watch time with YouTube will be our next post so become a member to get notified 





    Payout: Crypto currency 

    Community based but it could turn into a great platform overtime all people talk about is money on some channels if you are new to crypto currency you will have issues understanding the way to make your posts count is to create content in the top categories and make sure to comment on other peoples channels too.

    The last tip should be a given but there are a lot content creators who upload content and do not care about what their audience thinks or wants this is why is you do not post your account will lose value because you do not post enough but the good thing is no one taking down your videos or your blog content D-tube is partnered with Steemit block chain the money is not made up,it comes  from somewhere the company is a ICO and they have shareholders who buy in to the Semite block-chain in shares hoping the stock will climb so the money you are getting is a digital currency of their own

    and their are other people using this code to create their own coins from the same code of cryptography you are paid to post so you need friends to make money you need up-votes and real comments, do not just upload content engage and invest into your brand and your subscribers who are your community.


    How can i get paid with Steemit or Bit coin ?

    It can be withdrawn with an exchange a lot of the whales on the website upload consistently and have a niche  that they are filling if your new your a minnow we have to work on this site so much we cannot afford the time to these platforms but we wanted to created a post to ensure your aware of other places to syndicate your content on your terms some user make $ 100 in Steem dollars for just one post not sure how but it is possible.

    Make money up voting popular posts Make money posting videos and commenting In a  thoughtful way these are the ways to make money with Dtube and Steemit













    Daily Motion


    Channel Clipz offers a way to make money with your website we have added a new addition to our site offering tips on how to promote your Channel and get more Clipz /views using a blog style format we do not limit Patron links we also have a simple to understand terms of use but if you want to upload with Daily motion keep in mind you cant upload content with copyright music or images that are show unless in giphy form we have noticed the platform offers a embed option for content publishers.

    How much is Daily motion’s CPM?

    Well to be honest not much different from YouTube…But actually it is not as easy to post on this site to be honest

    would be nice to make more per click or impression as content creators ourselves  its actually not easy to create content so keep in mind making videos is not for everyone if you have a podcast or vlog make a website and syndicate your content where your audience is it could be on Facebook.

    Our site is not automated we have real people who are on this site who approve comments for channels that have not been verified




    Lucas Piero

    A few other options ..


    Facebook Live Video 



    Clip This

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