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Top Secret Youtube Tips for Small Content Creators 2019 Official 12/06/2018 261 49 Comments


Video is the future and if your not on your hustle game with your video presentations then you will get left behind….     I am going to be honest haven’t you seen how much video matters these days?   Content creators can form teams of channels and do better in the end the concept… Read more »

Youtube Launches New! Feature Youtube Stories but …its only for Popular Content Creators Official 12/06/2018 150 4 Comments


Youtube Launches New! Feature Youtube Stories but …its only for Popular Content Creators!I am not a fan of course for small content creators who are not a household name it’s going to be super hard to access the social features that have been offered is this a message the end is near for small channels… Read more »

Become a Amazon Video Producer (YouTube Alternatives for Content creators) Official 08/11/2018 805 6 Comments


As a content creator your probably looking for an alternative from YouTube maybe it’s IGTV or Dtube, maybe its your own website using these other sites as a means of syndication only this is not about the money for some because they are building a passive income out of a passion sometimes it is best… Read more »

3 Best Video Sharing Sites That Pay Official 08/06/2018 242 2 Comments


    Youtube was in this list but it’s only for those with 4000 watch time hours and 1000 Subscribers Let’s remember that you need to also have acceptable content. We do not blame Youtube for trying ever since the Adpocalypse it has been bad the journalist reported that advertisements are being promoted on channels with… Read more »

Has Youtube Went Hollywood? Official 07/21/2018 341 6 Comments


Youtube started with three guys who wanted to share videos with other people and now it has billions of views per month and celebrities movie networks news networks then  the new ban on smaller viewed channels to make it possible to deepen the pockets of tv networks and entertainers on tv radio and otherwise now… Read more »

What was it like to live in Versailles Castle (King Louis XIV Court) ? Official 05/26/2018 643 6 Comments


  Louis XIV took only 3 baths in his life. In Louis’s day, people thought a good, thick, grimy layer of filth would keep you healthy and strong! They believed water spread diseases by penetrating the pores of the skin and then infecting the bloodstream. Most people didn’t bathe more … It was rare to… Read more »

Knightfall He” Who Discovers His Own Self, Discovers God” (Episode 4) |History Channel Review Official 05/22/2018 1356 33 Comments


Knightfall has been a series alot of people may not know about I must stay the course I must get this tale told so here it is in this Episode Landry comes to a cross roads and  guess what he meets with … When a Saracen prisoner is killed in cold blood inside the temple,… Read more »

Channel Clipz Newest Channel Jeff DeLong TV Official 04/18/2018 504 7 Comments


Our site is pleased to Welcome our Newest Partnered Channel! Jeff has a interesting channel he mixes up his blog and some hobbie interested on Youtube channels like Jeff’s are hurting so why not come to a place who can promote and support a channel like channel clipz?     We  only have a few partnered… Read more »

Complete Game of Thrones Leaked Season 8 Plot (We did not Write This) Official 04/16/2018 364 2 Comments


Episode 1: Jaime reaches the Riverlands, gives Edmure back Riverrun if he can take the Tully armies north. Jon and Dany arrive at Winterfell. Reunion with the Starks, but there’s a lot of tension because of the north being a Targaryan kingdom again. Jon gives a whole speech about joining together and the North settles… Read more »

Youtube Shooter Posts Cryptic Video Claiming Youtube Censored,Discriminated Against Her Official 04/05/2018 457 2 Comments


  The women who went to Youtube and Shot Three People and took her own life was a disgruntled user, her claim on the video was that Youtube censored and discriminated against her and now due to his belief and it may be at a good cause in the community there have been talks of… Read more »

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