AMC Interview with a Vampire ” Phantom of My Former Self”

November 3, 2022 1274 Views

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We will speak of “Jacob Anderson” an Unsullied from Game of thrones in this timeline he is Louis De Lak and” Sam Reid from Belle”
as Lestat Lion court

Jacob Anderson is a great storyteller it is a shame that HBO let him slip thru their fingers he is captivating, interesting and eloquent and charming Handsome and also sexy.

I can’t keep my eyes off of him truly a Marvel to watch his greatness has been spoken about everywhere he also outshines the original Louie he and Sam Reid are in true character!

Sam Reid has outshined Tom Cruise this series is Amazing, and it is a Beautiful Masterpiece when Sam Ried speaks it’s like listening to Shakespeare in this timeline

Letter from the King
Throne room

Interview with A Vampire an Adaptation of Ann Rice 18 Books!
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Phantom of my Former Self

As a new creation he doesn’t have the abilities of Lestat he has to learn from him one thing he wants is to keep in contact with his mother and family it has been half of season since he has been home there is a party going and Lestat was not on the guest list his mother blocks his entrance and he goes to hear the Banjo band in the front yard as an alternative.

Louie and Grace talk and he gives her a wad of money she refuses of course; she then takes off his glasses and sees his eyes and said they look like church windows.

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