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Ned Stark and 6 Northmen ride high into the Mountains of Dorne to rescue Ned’s sister Lyanna. 3 Knights of the Kingsguard wait for them. Swords clash.
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Directed by
Michael Schatz

Based on “A Game Of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin
Adapted for the screen by Paul Suda

Director of Photography
Ryan Griswold

Produced by
Paul Suda
Jack Yang
Michael Schatz

In Association With
One Star’s Light Productions

Michael Curran-Dorsano
Terrence Magee
Chris Vivo
Luke and Joan Suda
Rullie and Sylvester Suda
Matt LePage

Associate Producers
Mei-Yin Lloyd
Turing Eret
Bryce Kho
Ian Casey
Greg Henrikson
Joe Sackett and Friends

Art Director and Costume Designer
Jack Yang

Music By
Kenan Heppe

Music Assistant
Ian Rees

Production Sound
Ryan Wilborn

Sound Mixer
Aaron Bartscht

Theme By
Ramin Djawadi

Jeff Odachowski as Lord Eddard Stark
Mary Danielle Black as Lady Lyanna Stark

The Northmen
Jason Avina as Lord Willam Dustin
Marten Richard Borg as Ser Mark Ryswell
Chris Davis as Theo Wull
Kenan Heppe as Howland Reed
Matt LePage as Ethan Glover
Corey Weber as Martyn Cassel

The Kingsguard
Anthony De Longis as Lord Commander Gerold Hightower
Eric Radic as Ser Oswell Whent
Paul Suda as Ser Arthur Dayne

Fight Choreography by
Anthony De Longis and Paul Suda

Sword Maker
David Lain Baker

Dialect Coach
Chris Lang

Mary De Longis
Jessica Erin Bennett

Fake Shemps
Ryan Godshalk
Jeff Odachowski

Transportation and Craft Services
Ryan Godshalk

First Assistant Director
Brian Ott

Drone Operator YeMing Chen

1st Assistant Camera Briana Del Giorno
1st Assistant Camera Octavio Estrada
2nd Assistant Camera Amanda Griswold
2nd Assistant Camera Eric Flesch

Gaffer Eric Flesch
Key Grip Michael Wiener
Paul Schatz

Visual Effects
Ryan McNeal

Veronica Beswick
Turing Eret
Christina Shipp
Adam Suda
Paul Butler
Jodie Bentley
Joseph Sackett III
Elizabeth Thomas
Brendan LaSalle
Ben Sheffield
Chris Vivo
Luke and Joan Suda
Alicia Stott
Joy Regullano
Brooke Lenzi
Lucas Porter
Fangso Liu
Kelly Marcus
Hannah Dawson
Eric Linger
Art Gibson
David Orosz
Nathan Reid
Tricia Alawit
Pharlain Ross
Michael Suda
Floriane Miniscloux
Beth Chase
Seamus George
Lucy Rice
Alexandra Williams
Adam Wagers
Michael Miraula
Tabitha Thomas
Greg Henrikson
Pedro Kaawaloa
Paul Castle
Mike Goulis
Ryan Sackett
Karl Hunter
Mike Baish
Andrew Hall
Leslie Lugar
Frederick Naumann
Joe Sackett and Friends
Alex Klein
Mary Ann Campe
Sondra Thorn
Garry Niedermayer
Brian Stokes
Kanayo Nwazo
Jonathan Ade
Emilie Carlson
Colin and Brendan Murphy
Jayce Nall
Jane Suda
Kristy Chase
Carlo Lim
Angela McArdle-Migaki
Jeremy Scripter
Melissa Pandin
Anthony Pelliccio
John “ANGRYGoTFAN” Posobiec
Aileen McCarthy
Adam Simmons
Rullie and Sylvester Suda
Kyle Andrews
Daniel Chaves
Natalia Gutin
Leslie Klein
Margaret Maloney
Andrew Grace
Saad AlAjlan
John Suda
Allie Seal
Sarah Lamparelli
Daniel Laloggia
Abigail Wolfe
Brian Ott
Kyle Dare
Mary Suda
Bo Meng
Ryan Godshalk
Aurelia Scheppers
Brooks Edwards
Eitan Almagor
Xingmai Deng
Daniel Godshalk
Pam Joy
Julie Suda
Hayley Suitts
Lucy Diaz
Kate Loftus Campe
Sungho Ahn
Laura Niles
Blair Shiff
Nicole Allen
Christian Vanek
Connie Sackett
Jess Peritz
Efrain Franco
Allan Sherlock
Jessica Leigh Studnicky
Rodney Gould
Raymond Torres
Zach Overstreet
Liesl Nydegger
Bill Hayes
Peggy Clements
Teresa Dvoracek
Kristin Fione
Tricia Fitzgerald
Erin Miller
Ricardo Velasco
Andrew Godshalk
Erica Christensen
Keith Jennings
Walker Davis
Stefan Roebke
Eric Quackenbush
Joseph Lee
Stephen and Mary Jane Heppe
Richard J Follett
Hannes Fury
Fredrik Karlsson
Thomas Joly
Rachel Moses
Ron Leversha
Tod Sackett
Paul Brindley
Kathrina Czarny
Heidi Cox
Jessica Patterson
Steven Ludlow
Chris White
Ignacia Cordova Jr.
Amy Moore
Deniz Tarcan
Alessandro Nicola Gilles Violante

All Our Thanks to our REINVENTING CROWDFUNDING Partners
Nathan Reid
Justin Giddings
Jodie Bentley

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