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What is Donald Trumps Obsession with Putin really?

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What is Donald Trumps Obsession with Putin really?
Donald Trump Invites Putin to US amid the investigation into the Fake votes that got him the Presidency not to mention his Attorney is singing to Mueller.

Donald Trump was once a man people did not know but we knew he had money but this new thing that is happening is like a movie that keeps getting worse at least for the main character Now we do not want to make as if we are right or left because we are impartial we are not Fox News!

Fake Votes ???

Hillary Clinton, did not stand a chance the dems should have backed Bernie Sanders now we have a crisis!

Bad part is Hillary should have never ran she did not stand a chance she had too much dirt and information on her sure it would be nice to have a women break that barrier does it matter which party she comes from it seems that self interests of party is why this has happened now and no matter what treason trumps seems to be doing allegedly the supplicant party makes excuses for their own.

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