Youtuber Tasha K Interviews Singer Jaguar Wright Review

November 5, 2020 83 Views

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Jaguar Wright an American Neo-Soul singer who has worked with multiple artists and has some juicy stories to tell about the likes of Diddy Clive Davis and also Mary J Blige, Foxy Brown Tevin Campbell, Summer Walker J.Lo and Alicia Keyes, and Shine there may be more in her tea package for us just follow her social media pages on Instagram or on Facebook.

Tasha K. a Youtuber who has a growing channel has mentored many new upcoming talk show aspiring entertainment hosts and she was in a legal battle with Cardi B for defamation of character and she has been promoted free on TMZ she has been linked to Wendy Williams during the break down of her marriage of her long time executive producer of her show with Deb Mercury company. 

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