White Supremacist Beats Women In The Name of Donald Trump

August 2, 2020 810 Views

Isnt it strange that Trump supporters are always violent?

Well one man was out of his mind as he was at a seaside restaurant he began to act crazy loud and bilggerent and intoxicated im sure he was under the influence of alchohol.

Donald trump supporters are ranting raving and acting like they are above the law.The problem with the man he was out of his mind he slapped a women for asking him to calm down and threatened to assault the women sexually it was crazy the intereting thing is a women called out dont choke him this was after he slapped the living daylights out of a women and screamed to call Donald Trump.

The unidentified man was subdued and kneed to the ground it is appropriate if a man slapps a women so hard she fell with him and he continued to assault her he was yelling and screaming and his pubic hair exposed he then yelled he was a proud white suprimist and the world will look like him with tattoos and call donald trump this racial rhetoric is like a poison and disease that is spreading across america or has it really just been overlooked as people look the other way?

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