What Visions Did Daenerys Targaryen Have In The Books? – A Song of Ice and Fire


Welcome back for another A Song of Ice and Fire chapter readings. Today I am reading Daenerys Targaryen’s House of the Undying Ones chapter. In the Game of Thrones television show this scene happened in the Season 2 Finale, but it played out very differently in the books. Daenerys did not see the Iron Throne covered in snow, nor did she see Khal Drogo holding their baby. The visions Daenerys had in the books were entirely different, but they may foreshadow some events to come. Daenerys sees Rhaegar, and he is talking about the Prince who was Promised, and how he is the Song of Ice and Fire. She also sees a blue-eyed king holding a flaming sword. She has many other visions that are very interesting, so I hope you pay very close attention to everything that is said during this chapter, because it may reveal some big clues about the end game. Let me know what you think about Daenerys Targaryen’s visions at the House of the Undying Ones. Thank you all for watching!

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