The White Queen In Love With the King

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Elizabeth Woodville marries the King in Secret a Lancasterian women who just lost her lands and her titles and husband stands on the crossroads of faith to meet the new proposed King Edward. Elizabeths mothers puts her daughter in the way of the king to see if she can obtain her lands and titles but her brother Anthony knows there is more to this than just her lands and titles the King will want more ….

The women are in power by intelligence because the men agree with their strategy the lands and title are important Warwick Eduards cousin an earl is against the marriage. Plantangent has ruled before but Eduards fathers reign cut short with his head on a spike and his brothers It has been a bloody war for almost a decade

The problem is her family is House Lancaster Elizabeth brother Antony is not impressed with the King at all the Lancasters army has been obliterated and they have lost their fortunes and lands by default the new King takes possession of his enemies Lands so its unbelievable that the King would Pick a commoner to marry because it is not of their tradition the King should marry for alliance and business not of his choice.

Eduard is tall dark and handsome and he is rich and wealthy he also fights on the battlefield so he is not a King who sits in the high castle while others die he is on the frontlines.

House Lancaster and Yorke join through marriage but the war is not over yet…

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