How A Bastard Will Save House Stark From Extinction! – Game of Thrones Season 8 (End Game Theories)


Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 End Game Theories video. Today I give my thoughts on several different topics about how Game of Thrones will end. The video starts off with me talking about how House Stark needs an heir to prevent their line from ending. If someone doesn’t produce an heir, this ancient house can go extinct. This actually isn’t the first time this has nearly happened. According to the Bael the Bard story, House Stark was saved by the Bastard of Winterfell. I believe that may happen again.. I also discuss The Hound’s end game, and why the Night King was activated. I think the Night King uses the just like their creators, and Bloodraven, and Bran. That’s how he has always known where to find Bran, Jon, and Daenerys.. He can see through the trees.. Let me know how you feel about these topics. Thanks for watching!

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