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Interview with CEO of Channel Clips C.L Nelson
What is ? 

A: We are a  new video sharing  website is set to launch very soon
Channel clip will be a platform dedicated to original content
our site offers the creator the ability to upload content Creators can
post unlimited tags and also provide  a place to develop. Our site offers easy upload options we have main channels and we have start ups who are going to be new the problem with Youtube is we wanted to create a  site for  entertainment in all forms not limited to just movies so we created channel clip as a new way to get seen socially online we also offer  a on demand channels that offer the ability to subscribe to each channel created revenue sharing program will offer more than just the traditional methods.

“What kind of tools, are available on Channel Clip ?”

  • Embeddable content from Youtube / Embed code sharing to social networks NYC stock style notify for all uploads we want to make it fair 
  • Vlog and get on our News network 24/7 submit a video to learn more
  • Recommended channels, are offered on advertising of our channels not just ads
  • Content Boards offer the ability to see what’s hot !
  • Learn How to Run Your own  Video channel network you, own the channel and the people can work to create ranking by engaging with other content 
  • Partner program you don’t  need as many views to get paid 
  • Site Wide contests Radio Style  
  • Livestreaming via our Open Clip software coming soon ! 
  • Editor is coming soon build thumbnails on the same platform 
  • No celebrity channels all independent 
  • Easy embed option available only 
  • No subscriber requirement to make $$$ Do you see how many people watch on TV, now we have  to created  an environment of unique experience 
  • Social sharing done for you we pick the top 10 videos and promote them via social networks and ads 
  • 10 minute videos only for new accounts who have not verified
  • Free Channel producer courses to grow your channel hosted by our top users 
  • 15 tags per post long tail keyword phrases only 
  • Share to more networks just by uploading each time a upload happens we send these notifications to social networks for top 20 videos of the day. 
  • Contests and giveaways easy call in #’s 
  • All genres accepted we are looking for high level content, doesn’t mean you need content that is over the top content but we mean by offering microsoft expressions encoder, davinci editing, Jw player you do not need a web editor we want you to have access to education and also access to analytics. 

This is our launch features but we have more, Join our network here 

What’s  important for you as a new player in video sharing ?

Our goal is to create content people love and utilize our creators to create call to action videos for our clients mixed with pop culture we are not going to be a Youtube clone but we are going to allow our users to decide to be provide their best and because we understand that the success of our company will be based on our effort of 100% in providing real promotion for our users not us.

Video is the future we already have a radio site called Radio Tubetv with 100,000 users and counting our plans it add those users to Channel clips and promote their content on our site at the same time so we have established channels who have done exceptional on using content that is engaging interesting and fresh.

Sure you could go to Vidme, Daily motion but the content is not well engaging we understand everyone wants to start somewhere, so we offer watch sessions each day to help our users produce great content.

 if you want to be successful working is the key to success we will not lie to our users about that but we do offer new style how to’s and over the shoulders with follow ups like no other this is our difference many of our staff have channels of their own  and our Marketing team and our Corporate offices to do  share our revenue model we pay users for 65% of our revenue across the board we have a mobile website and also a subscription services for some channels.

How can  I  join Channel Clips ? 

Join in one minute channel name and email is all we require 

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