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Welcome to the new Channel Clipz we are happy to launch a new website and happy that we are at 1207 users at the time this post has been written in thirty days!

We appreciate all our contributors and community members and we hope to be able to build a new video sharing site that offers the freedom of sharing but we ask that you treat the content producers with care the issue we had as You tubers was the corporate machine the censorship on content that all of sudden did not meet their guidelines and also the sharing of top content creators like Logan Paul.. When we were not subscribed as a team we decided to create a website that provides a link to your existing video platforms and also provides a way to get more control over your content.

The old YouTube did not pander to the celebrity and tonight shows but nowadays the site is covered with  celebrity content we want our website to offer different expierence for our content creators we do not just allow spammers on our site or public figures on the site we want original video by regular people if your a TV series reviewer that great just no personal celebrity accounts is a big no no on the site we created the site for the unknown overlooked content creators not the channels on YouTube looking to scam people out their money or channels that promote hate speech violence or breaking local laws and crimes.

We saw how Vidme bit off more than it could chew after it failed…  We all knew we did not want to beg a company for funds so we built our site on our own and we love the theme we made we love how people come to the site and share their videos with the community. We also wanted to be the first company that will be Minority owned and operated built on diversity we want our content creators to feel empowered to post WHO You are not what the world wants you to be now use common sense do not upload Nudity extreme violence and you will be just fine.




We do love what YouTube original creators showed us and it’s Think BIG! Our Vision is to  be the only video sharing website that does no cave in to the corporate mentality Ste emit Dtube are built on the Block Chain but it does still cost them money to run their business we built this site with our bare hands too so we relate to the innovators using block chain technology there are other sites like www.Minds.com that have a similar way of sharing videos online and blogging.


In the last year we also noticed other sites like Bit-chute Bit-tube in our research as a team we found many more so we are nothing like these sites because we do not have a bitcoin system to pay in coin a subscriber can donate via concurrency Pay Pal links depending on the channel it will depend on proper set up of your account. We will soon be able to offer a partner program but we need to reach our goal of 50,000 users for 2019 before we can offer partner program and we are setting up our direct ad system for the site to share sponsorship with subscribers and contributors to channelclipz site .

We have 1675 users and counting some creators and some are fans of channels they love. Just remember to Clip with us and share your favorite clipz with the world!


Benefits of ChannelClipz Content Creators

Free Pay it Forward Advertising System – Get promoted on our site as a free skip-able 5 second advertisement no cost to the content creator each view you get on a skip-able advertisement or even a single video upload will show on your respective platform the video URL or video embed originated.

Easy sign up process

A video sharing site that knows each upload that us we

Get Donations via your profile via Bitcoin Lite coin to name a few we also have other monetization options we are working on other features that enhance your expierence

  • Get Free video  Promotion to content creators  on our social media’s Random contests offered to contributors and also offered to users on the website.Upload short clipz or direct link or embed with code as long as the platform has a sharable link we will syndicate your channel to our playlists apps free.

#SmallChannel ..No problem because YouTube is so big they do not know their content creators they know the large content creators but we know of each video posted on the site we also added a extended profile you can post other content to your community via your Channelclipz  social profile we have had this feature before  Youtube but we do not publicize posts or ask for personal data.



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